Yet another year over and gone!

What is happened what have you done?

Did you fall in love or stayed in one?

Started a new job or kept the one you had?


Did you follow your dream(s).

We, Els and Ben, did pick up where we ended in 2016 and are traveling again Down Under.

For Ben, work has ended and retirement is the permanent way of life now, following the big group of “grey nomads”.

Els, took some time off work and kept her hair in colour and shape to be one of the youngest of the “grey nomads”.

All our kids are doing well, and the grandkids are growing faster than an old gum in a dry and dusty spot.

Looking back on the year track;

We, had trouble getting used to the Dutch way of life , the flat country side , the colder climate, the difference in time, no Chardy or beer o’clock and more of that jazz.

Els started to work at a candy factory after she went back to her old job from before our big trip. She didn’t like it anymore after a couple of months so she quit, to follow her dream. Working at a spot she likes, when she likes, and the amount hours she likes.

I, tried to help out my brother and his wife with a big project in Germany, which turned out to be a right down disaster in the end. So that sadly ended too.

We, had Australian relatives and friends come over to Europe, which we drove all over The Netherlands and even Paris in spring. We enjoyed it very much and it made us aware of the fact we missed the traveling too much,  just staying at home.

Us, missing the traveling, decided to buy air tickets for a flight to Melbourne and Mildura to hit the Australian soil ones again. Picked up a car, drove to the coast of Shoalhaven, picked up the van , got things organized and hit the road again.

Right now, just before Christmas we are in Lane Cove river park (Sydney) and almost ready to start another trip to see and go places or revisit areas to complete our last long trip, we’ve been dreaming about.

In short, we are “following our dream together”.


Merry Christmas and a blast into the new year!

Els & Ben




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